Paragon Performance FAQS

Q. Are Paragon Performance's hose & fitting products the same type of products professional racers use?

A. Paragon Performance's high performance products are identical to products used by professional race car drivers worldwide.


Q. What automotive applications are not recommended for use with CPE hose?

A. Power steering systems often cause high pressure spikes that may cause the hose to leak, so hose fabricated from chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) should not be used with this application. In addition, over a period of time exotic high octane fuels can cause deterioration of fuel lines fabricated using chlorinated polyethylene hose. For this application, we suggest using Paragon Performance's hose assemblies lined with PTFE. Brake line assemblies should also be fabricated from hose lined with PTFE because of its chemical resistance and high temperature range. Of course, CPE hose should never be used for any type of aircraft.


Q. What is the best hose to use for my nitrous system?

A. Without question, Paragon Performance's hose assemblies lined with PTFE work great with all nitrous systems.   The hose lined with PTFE can withstand the extreme cold temperatures of the cylinders (to -65°F) while maintaining top performance at temperatures up to 450°F.


Q. I see many different styles & qualities of braided hose. What are the real differences?

A. Almost all braided hoses use 304 stainless steel braid. How this braid is jacketed over the innertube is where the differences become noticeable. Paragon Performance uses a method called "vulcanizing" which permanently attaches the braid over our CPE innertube. This superior method of braid attachment keeps the braid securely in place, preventing it from moving during fitting attachment.
Also beware of using "cheaper" imported braided hose. The innertube of these hoses are inferior and will breakdown under higher temperature conditions.


Q. What is the life expectancy of the Paragon Performance hose?

A. Hose life is determined mostly by the application environment as well as the overall quality of the hose itself.   Paragon Performance hose should give you many years of superior service.

Choosing the right hose for the application is also essential.


Q. Can I use methanol and nitromethane fuel mixtures with Paragon Performance's aluminum adapters, hose and hose fittings?

A. If you are planning to use any high octane fuels such as methanol and nitromethane, we suggest checking the hose and adapters often for signs of corrosion.   It is recommended that you flush your fuel system after each use to extend life expectancy.   For superior performance and longest life expectancy, we recommend using Paragon Performance's hose assemblies lined with PTFE with carbon steel end fittings.


Q. Can I band-clamp Paragon Performance's CPE hose over existing rubber hose barbs?

A. A permanently attached fitting is always recommended as the preferred method of connecting hoses to adapters.


Q. Why are the aluminum fittings colored red and blue?

A. The red and blue colors originated in the aerospace market and have been the standard in the high performance automotive market as well.   Custom anodizing using different coloring can be applied for an additional cost.


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